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A Year of Miracles! Our Top 10 Chiropractic Testimonials of 2020

Joyful mom with baby

1. Reflux

After Katelyn was born she seemed so uncomfortable when she was sleeping and eating. She was having trouble holding her milk down and just really struggling to adjust to life outside the womb.

Our pediatrician wanted us to give her reflux medication but a friend of ours told us to get her spine and nervous system checked to see if there was any stress left over from her birth … which was super hard … keeping her little body from functioning like it should.

The night after her first adjustment, Katelyn didn’t cry after nursing, she burped sooo good, and she slept for more hours straight than she ever has before!

After getting her adjusted regularly for about 2 weeks, our baby girl was literally like brand new! I learned to trust my mommy instincts and to always try to get to the root of the problem! I don’t know what we would have done without chiropractic!”

Jaxon has always struggled with being over stimulated as a toddler and as a baby he was super fussy. He would never let me put him down when he was sleeping, needed constant movement and had major meltdowns. Once he started getting adjusted, it was like we got to meet our son (the real happy and content little boy under the surface) for the first time. I can’t imagine if he had to go his entire life with that much stress in his nervous system. He is now THRIVING!!! Thank God for our kid loving chiropractor!”

2. Pain Free

Before starting Chiropractic Care, I was having some pretty intense pain in my mid back that had become almost constant. I had to work virtually almost all of 2020 and was really miserable on my computer all day long.

I finally decided that taking Advil wasn’t solving my problem and I was sick of taking medication every day. So I decided to see a chiropractor.

I was so impressed with how much they could tell me about the health of my spine and nerves and how that pain is just a signal to your body that something was going on under the surface that needed to be addressed.

“After only a few months of chiropractic care, after years of pain, not only am I #PainFree but I also sleep so much better, have more energy, and I even feel less stressed and moody! I can’t even imagine not having chiropractic as part of my wellness routine now!”

3. Physical/Emotional/Mental Balance

My daughter struggled with constant ear infections as a baby and we ended up getting tubes put it. However, then we noticed that she had constant issues with her tonsils and upper respiratory infections. We decided to get her checked out by our chiropractor and we were shocked to find out that the area of her spine that controls her ear, nose and throat had shifted a lot (probably from birth) and was causing her to have trouble regulating her drainage and immune system.

Once she started getting adjusted, she hasn’t had any infections and she is also calmer, concentrating and sleeping better!

4. Headache Free & More Energy

After years of struggling with headaches, I got to the point where I felt like it was stealing my life from me. I couldn’t deal with loud sounds, lights or anything without it triggering a headache. I started skipping fun events with my family and sleeping for hours in the dark just to avoid the pain.

Since starting chiropractic care, I HAVE MY LIFE BACK! My headaches are 100% gone and I am finally back to being myself. Chiropractic gave me MY LIFE and MY FAMILY back! I couldn’t live without it!

5. Family Wellness

My little lady was really having a hard time hitting her milestones. She skipped crawling and started walking early but it was never very coordinated. Then around 2-3 I realized her speech was delayed and she couldn’t put sounds together very well at all.

Our PT referred us to see a chiropractor. I had no idea that the brain communicated with the body through the pathway of the spine and that if there was stress in the spine it could even effect brain development.

After all the education and amazing care we have received my princess is WALKING NORMAL, running and speaking in full sentences now! And even though she’s super excited to have all her new abilities she is way calmer because she is less frustrated! She is a strong confident sassy girl now! And we are so thankful!

6. Pregnancy

I don’t know how people even get through pregnancy without getting adjusted! With all the changes my body went through, I was always uncomfortable once I got past about 12 weeks. My tailbone and pubic bone hurt almost constantly. Sitting at my desk got so miserable and even going to the bathroom at night would set it off and then keep me awake.

Now, my pelvis feels so much more balanced! I can sit, walk and sleep without pain AND I know my baby will have the best opportunity to have a safe and smooth birth process! I am so thankful!

7. Nursing

I thought nursing my baby was something that would come naturally, and I quickly found out that even though it is a natural instinct … it can be super hard! My baby couldn’t turn his head very well, open his mouth big enough, and never seemed comfortable. He was starving but I had a ton of milk and it didn’t make sense. My lactation consultant referred me to a chiropractor and after his first adjustment, he latched like a champ.

After getting some work done regularly for a few weeks he had full motion in his neck and had gained back all the weight he lost and was so so much happier! Now he’s thriving!!!

8. Fertility

We tried everything. IVF. All the things and I couldn’t get pregnant. We were ready to give up until we decided to try something completely different. I started getting adjusted to balance my pelvis and my spine and nervous system. And after only two months of care …. I skipped my period. I was so scared to take a test and be disappointed again but I did and it was positive.

All the years of trauma to my pelvis as a cheerleader and athlete in college had been working against my body’s balance! Chiropractic can transform your health in so many ways and leaving unresolved old traumas in the body can cause all kinds of things to be out of whack!

9. Neck Pain

The numbness in my fingers and tingling in my arm was driving me crazy. My neck was always hurting and I noticed it made my tingling and numbness startup. I was so scared of surgery and so I started getting my neck adjusted by my family’s chiropractor!

I was shocked! My neck pain improved almost immediately and after a short while the numbness & tingling stopped! I feel so much better all the way around!

10. Constipation

We were trying everything to get our baby to go poooo… I never knew that poop was going to be such an everyday conversation as a new mom! But when your baby can’t go and nothing is working it is so frustrating and sad.

We took him in for an adjustment and I kid you not… huge blow out on the way home! HUGE! And after a few more adjustments he was pooping regularly all the time! Like 3 times a day! He is so relieved and so am I!

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