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Restoring Life Chiropractic TeamAbout Us

Dr. Eric Alvarado graduated from Parker University in 2008, establishing Restoring Life Chiropractic. Together, our team is dedicated to improving the lives of people in our community through natural chiropractic care.

Let’s Unlock Your Full Potential

As you can tell from our practice name, it’s our goal to restore your life through chiropractic so that you can regain your health and spend time doing all the things you love, with the people you care about.

Your body is self-healing and self-regulating. This belief is referred to as vitalism. If there is interference in the nervous system, your body can’t do what it was designed to. By addressing interference, we can liberate your full potential for health and give you the opportunity to live an incredible life.

A Vision of Hope and Change

Here at Restoring Life Chiropractic, we’re on a mission to restore the health and wellness of families in our community. In doing so, they can reach their fullest human potential and live their healthiest, happiest life.

It’s our vision to create a community full of families living their best lives, relying on our team to be their beacon of hope and health. Our purpose is to serve out of abundance and love, allowing individuals to truly connect to and express their most authentic, vibrant self, feeling love, acceptance and support from us. We’re committed to improving the health of humanity, and we’re dedicated to excellence in this endeavor.

We create an environment that promotes independence, accountability to excellence, creativity, problem solving and personal connection with each other for both our practice members and staff. We’re here each day, ready to give you that Ritz-Carlton experience that you deserve!

Our Six Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Contribution
  • Harmony
  • Growth
  • Fun

Making an Impact on Every Member of Your Family

Whether you’re a senior who can’t get quality sleep or wants to get off medication, a parent with a crying newborn or a child with challenges, we are the place for you to find that natural solution. We’ve helped moms with headaches, kids with sensory processing issues, dads with low back pain and more.

One of our favorite practice members to help is an expecting mom. They might be worried about their baby’s impending birth or have had their OB inform them that a C-section will be necessary. When your body functions optimally, thanks to chiropractic, you may be able to have the birth of your dreams and watch your child grow up healthy.

Get Started Today

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