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Restoring Life Chiropractic Services

Life Changing Chiropractic Care for Every Stage of Life!

Adult Chiropractic Adjustments

At RLC, you will feel the difference and get RESULTS!!

Our doctors operate at an extremely high clinical standard using state of the art technology to make sure that every single adjustment you receive is custom to your needs and designed to correct your unique spinal misalignments and unleash the power of your nervous system to heal your body from the inside out.

Whether you prefer a good old fashion manual chiropractic adjustment or a light touch or instrument assisted adjustment, we will make sure that you are completely comfortable with the type of care you receive.

Our most popular technique names are Diversified, Thompson, Gonstead, SOT, Upper Cervical, Activator and more. Our precision and results are exactly what elevates the Chiropractic Experience and Health Outcomes for our patients.

Prenatal Chiropractic Adjustments

Growing a baby from scratch requires so much energy from your body, changes your posture and adds a lot more physical stress.

Chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy help mama’s get through the challenges and changes with so much more ease and comfort. Pregnancy doesn’t have to be painful!

Dr. Lauren will evaluate your spine and pelvis for any areas that are causing unnecessary tension patterns and restrictions so that you can have a healthy and comfortable pregnancy. She will also make sure that your pelvis is working for you and not against you so that your baby can be in a great position and you have the best opportunity to have a productive and non-traumatic birth experience.

Dr. Lauren uses Webster Technique and Chiropractic Adjustments by hand to deliver an adjustment tailored to exactly what your body needs!

Pediatric Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments for babies are gentle little corrections in their spinal alignment that help calm their nervous system so that they can better adapt to life outside the womb. Through a gentle hands on exam of your baby’s spine, Dr. Lauren will explain exactly what areas are stressed and what that stress is causing. Babies with unresolved birth trauma and tension suffer from a whole host of issues such as challenges with eating, digestion, sleep, calmness and more. Using the tiniest loving touch, Dr. Lauren will help your baby’s body come into alignment and release all of the patterns of stress and dysfunction their little body is holding on to.

Chiropractic adjustments truly help babies feel better and function better so their little bodies can focus on optimal growth and development and they can have a great start to life!

Women’s Wellness

Here at Restoring Life Chiropractic, Dr. Eric and Dr. Lauren specialize in women’s wellness and are here to help you experience the vibrant life and health that you were created to have.

Whether you are a young woman struggling with anxiety or fertility issues, a pregnant or postpartum mama needing extra support, a middle-aged woman experiencing headaches or fatigue, or a woman wanting to stay active throughout your golden years — we have answers for you!

Non Invasive Pain Relief & Soft Tissue Regeneration with StemWave

StemWave soft tissue regeneration offers a non-invasive solution to acute or chronic joint pain and dysfunction. Harness the power of your own body’s Stem Cell repair system and use StemWave to target inflammation in the ligaments, tendons, other soft tissues, and joints.

Explore more about how StemWave is helping people avoid surgeries, recover from injuries, and get their life back after chronic pain.

Spinal Nerve Testing

Insight NeuroSpinal Thermography, EMG (Electromylogram), and Heart Rate Variability help to identify where inflammation and stress in your spine is causing your spinal nerves and blood vessels to dysfunction. Spinal stress can cause pain and even organ and gland dysfunction. With Insight Scans we can use our state of the art technology to get an inside view of what is causing your health challenges.

Insight scans are safe for pregnant women and children and help to identify what is causing your body to not function at its best!

We use our Insight Scans as a road map to take your health from where it is now to where it needs to be for you to be your best self!

Full Spine X-rays

Most adults in our office, and some children with high risk spinal changes, do receive x-rays as part of their new patient process.

X-ray’s literally give us X-ray vision so that we can measure every single millimeter of every joint, disc, and nerve root space in your spine as well as identify any abnormal curves such as scoliosis or loss of your natural cervical or lumbar curves.

We use our x-ray measurements and insight scans to deliver extremely accurate chiropractic care with outstanding results. This is one of the major factors that set’s RLC apart from other chiropractors. We despise the cookie cutter “pop and pray” method that many people unfortunately experience in chiropractic. No adjustment is alike in our office and every patient receives custom care with exactly what their body needs.


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