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Restoring Life Chiropractic Reviews

Healthy Pregnancy

Braelyn and I would like to say a huge thank you Restoring Life Chiropractic for keeping us healthy during pregnancy and after! I am a firm believer that regular chiropractor visits with this great team played an integral role in my easy and amazing TWO HOUR labor/delivery!!! Now Braelyn sees them regularly for her continued health as well! I highly recommend Drs. Lauren and Eric Alvarado!

P.S. thanks for the cute onesie

– A. Muehlen

OMG! I have had chiropractic care all my life, but NONE compare to this!!!
S. Giley

Amazing Duo

Dr.s Eric and Lauren are an amazing duo! We started going to RLC for my wife’s prenatal chiropractic care summer 2017. When she told me about how good of an experience it was I knew I had to sign the whole family up. The open adjusting hours are convenient and everyone is so friendly. My lower back pain that I thought was just a part of life has improved significantly. I have started living healthier and feel much better. My wife had the smoothest labor and delivery and I credit a part of that to this awesome team at RLC.

– A. Sanchez

Passionate Team

I started seeing Dr. Lauren during my pregnancy because it was highly recommended by my birth boot camp course. Having a doctor in my life who really cares about me and my family has truly been one of the best experiences in my life. Not only did she help me during my pregnancy but she continues to help today. On the morning of my daughter’s birth she helped position her so that I could have an optimal birth, and that same night she did a home visit to adjust my newborn. Both Dr. Lauren and Dr. Eric are passionate about what they do. I am so thankful they are part of our lives.

– T. Tran

LOVE Dr. Eric and Dr. Lauren! I am a much happier, more pain-free person by being a well-adjusted person! I highly recommend their approach to life!
A. Jarvis

Helped at My Birth

I met Lauren at my birth, she came to my rescue. My little girl was LOP and I was about to transfer to the hospital from my home birth. I was already mentally preparing for a c-section. She came in and worked until our little girl was born. Since that day we have seen her twice a week. I feel so much better and our daughter is as well. I’m so glad I met her and it’s worth the 45min drive from Cleburne to see her. I will forever sing her praises.

– K. Schoultz

Blessing in Our Lives

Dr. Eric and Dr. Lauren have been a blessing in my life! With lower back pain and bursitis in my hip I was not able to sit on the floor with my kiddos without being in severe pain when I got up. After receiving adjustments my life has changed! My pain when sitting on the floor is gone! I even went on vacation and couldn’t wait to come back for my appointments! Dr. Eric & Dr. Lauren are honest, caring and passionate about their work. They make you feel like family!

– T. Derrick

Such a welcoming environment and caring staff! We love Restoring Life!
M. Woods

Fantastic Doctors

Dr Eric is fantastic. He truly cares about each of his clients and has their best interests in mind. He has helped me out greatly due to an injury I had about 3 years ago. The results are amazing. Him and his wife, Dr Lauren, are a great team and excellent with clients of all ages (newborns to seniors).They’ve been great to our family and we highly recommend them. My wife and 2 kids (2 and 4 year old) also love going to them. They are very flexible with scheduling and have a great annual wellness program.

– J. Wheeler

Highly Recommended

Having multiple sclerosis and having a syrinxin my spine, very few chiropractors even willing to look or help the last five years. I have suffered until I met Eric and his wife what they have done for me words cannot even express. I used to walk with a cane barely being able to get around and now I have full motion no pain and I feel like I’m living life again. For those of you who think that there are no options out there go see Eric and his wife and let them do for you what they have done for me and that’s exactly what their name says on the door restoring life… for they have truly restored my life.

– M. Osmer

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