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Headaches in Arlington TX

Man getting adjustmentHeadaches are common, but when they become a frequent part of your life, it’s crucial to address the root cause. At Restoring Life Chiropractic, we’ve achieved nearly 100% success over 15 years in resolving our patients’ headaches or migraines, often caused by overlooked changes in the structural alignment of the head and neck.

Understanding the Anatomy and Cause

Headaches and migraines are often felt in the skull but may originate from the base of the brain, where it becomes the brainstem, and the neck, where the brainstem extends to become the spinal cord and nerves. Misalignments in the head and neck often lead to inflammation and pain in nerves, muscles, and blood vessels. This dysfunction in the nervous system may increase muscle tension, alter blood flow, and disrupt cerebrospinal fluid balance, all contributing to headaches and migraines.

The Role of Spinal Misalignments

Spinal misalignments, which can begin as early as childhood due to birth trauma, falls, or accidents, are often overlooked. These misalignments can accumulate as adults due to daily activities like prolonged sitting, poor posture, or physical exertion. Left unchecked, these misalignments could lead to symptoms and dysfunction.

Chiropractic adjustments are vital in realigning the spine, preventing stress accumulation, and avoiding significant symptoms. Regular chiropractic care is an effective tool for prevention and wellness at any age.

Seeking the Right Care

Headaches and migraines are indicators of spinal health issues. Neglecting these signs can lead to worsening conditions and prolonged medication use. Our doctors specialize in assessing the alignment and biomechanical function of the head and neck. Using digital X-rays and nerve scans, we identify the causes of your headaches, including vertebral alignment changes, neck joint health, disc inflammation, spinal cord and nerve stress, and muscle tension.

After a thorough evaluation, we create a plan to realign the spine and alleviate stress, inflammation, and dysfunction. This approach allows the spinal cord, nerves, and blood vessels to function optimally, reducing tension and headaches.

Your Path to Relief

At Restoring Life Chiropractic, Dr. Eric and Dr. Lauren Alvarado work closely with you to identify the source of your pain and create a personalized care plan. We aim to restore natural alignment, relieve pain, and promote long-term spinal health through gentle adjustments.

If you’re experiencing headaches or migraines, contact us to schedule an appointment and find relief.


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