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Meet Dr. Eric Alvarado

Dr. Eric Alvarado, Arlington ChiropractorDr. Eric specializes in helping middle aged and older men and women get their health back on track. He is known at RLC as the “adjusting ninja” because of his gift in helping the most complicated clinical cases experience profound results!

Dr. Eric helps people who are suffering from chronic pain such as low back pain, sciatica, hip pain, knee and ankle injuries, mid back pain, shoulder dysfunction, neck pain, headaches/migraines, and anxiety. He is dedicated to helping people heal and will stop at nothing to get results!

Dr. Eric graduated from Parker University in 2008, establishing Restoring Life Chiropractic. Dr. Lauren, his wife, joined him in running the practice in 2009 and graduated from Parker University in 2014.

Chiropractic Chose Me

When Dr. Eric first encountered chiropractic, it was thanks to his martial arts hobby. A martial arts instructor who was a chiropractor influenced him, and he decided to make the natural healing profession his career path. To earn a Doctor of Chiropractic, he attended Parker University.

I love that I get to place my hands on people and see healing happen. With something as simple as an adjustment, you can facilitate the body’s inborn ability to heal and overcome.”


A Busy, Family-Oriented Life

Dr. Eric loves spending his downtime with his family filling his weekends with a lot of time outside going on walks with his wife, enjoying his kids soccer games, working out with his son Jaxon, working on projects around the house, and having new foodie experiences at local restaurants from the 5 star to the dive.

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