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Dr. Eric Alvarado

Dr. Eric Alvarado, Arlington ChiropractorChiropractic Chose Me

When Dr. Eric first encountered chiropractic, it was thanks to his martial arts hobby. A martial arts instructor who was a chiropractor influenced him, and he decided to make the natural healing profession his career path. To earn a Doctor of Chiropractic, he attended Parker University.

“I love that I get to place my hands on people and see healing happen. With something as simple an adjustment, you can trust in the body’s inborn ability to heal.”

A Passion for Creating Healthy Families

Dr. Eric has a passion for pediatrics, making caring for children a large part of his practice. His son, Jaxon, has experienced a fair share of challenges starting with birth when he was diagnosed with a posterior tongue-tie. Rather than resorting to surgery as the medical doctors suggested, Dr. Eric used his chiropractic knowledge to help his son.

A couple of years later, Jaxon had a traumatic experience with another child, who dug their nails into his face and held on. Soon after, Jaxon developed an eye tic, then fell off the couch and hit his head.

After this collision, the tic worsened. His speech soon regressed and Jaxon began to stutter. Frustrated, the boy would feel fatigued and stop communicating. The neurologists and pediatricians diagnosed Jaxon with sudden-onset Tourette’s Syndrome and said that kids simply sometimes regress.

Rather than accepting this diagnosis as inevitable, Dr. Eric decided to use his chiropractic knowledge again. He scanned Jaxon using the INSiGHT™ Subluxation Station and got him on a care plan as Dr. Eric would have done for any other practice member. Today, Jaxon is a normal, healthy kid.

“Making a change in society has to start with pregnant moms as well as kids. We want to empower them to take their health into their hands, incorporating natural and effective chiropractic care to their lifestyle.”

Dr. Eric is passionate about the three pillars of chiropractic: science, philosophy and art. He hones his craft by taking regular training through organizations such as Epic Pediatrics and the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

A Busy, Family-Oriented Life

When the office is open, Dr. Eric’s life revolves around chiropractic. Outside of office hours, however, he gives 100% to being a dad. He has three children: daughter Jordan, and sons Jaxon and Jake. All weekend long, they stay busy with various activities, including hitting the pool. When Dr. Eric has time, he likes to work out at the gym.

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