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Chiropractic Care for Colic in Arlington TX

Baby laying on momColic may be one of the most frustrating experiences as a new parent. If your child has been struggling with it, we know that the inconsolable crying, visible discomfort, tension, the “witching hour,” and sleepless nights can be so very difficult.

You may have been told that your baby would simply grow out of colic or told just to give them gripe water. The unsolicited advice may have been even worse from your pediatrician, who may have prescribed a reflux medication designed for adults and not approved or recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Medicine for colic.

There are a lot of myths and poor advice surrounding the topic of colic, but the truth is that colic is not a diagnosis. It is simply a word to describe a symptom of an upset baby who is not adapting to life outside the womb.

The great news is chiropractic care can help alleviate the symptoms of colic.

How Symptoms Develop

Babies should eat, sleep, and poop with ease. They should be relaxed, and not tense and agitated in pain. When any of these normal physiological processes seem to be impacted, trust your instincts. This is not normal and there is an underlying cause.

As pediatric chiropractors, experts in pediatric health and wellness, and parents ourselves, we’ve found that babies suffering from colic are experiencing stress and dysfunction in their little nervous systems. This prevents them from reaching an optimal physiological state of being.

Stress in the nervous system due to patterns of tension in the spine can prevent the neurological pathways running between the brain and the body from doing their job properly and cause the baby distress.

Adjustments Help Realign the Body

Babies in neurological distress are unable to make enough digestive enzymes and properly break down their food, have normal movement of their intestinal muscles for successful elimination, regulate sleep cycles, control muscle tension patterns, and more.

This can lead to a baby that is fussy, tense, miserable, gassy, constipated, having reflux, and just miserable. At Restoring Life Chiropractic we specialize in identifying where the stress exists along your baby’s spinal pathway and use gentle techniques and adjustments to release patterns of tension and realign their spine and nervous system so that they can have optimal function!

Babies Should Never Suffer, and We Can Help

In our practice, we see many babies break free of early health challenges like colic simply because their nervous system and body communication has been restored. If you’re ready for your little one to have relief, we are here to guide you! Contact us to schedule an appointment.


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