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Chiropractic for Pain & Fatigue in Arlington TX

Dr Eric on patient backIf you suffer from chronic pain and fatigue, you understand how it interrupts your life and presents endless challenges. Looking for a diagnosis through traditional medicine can add to the maddening cycle, with differing views on what causes it and how to treat it. It can become an endless appointment cycle that brings you little relief and no answers.

Once the cycle of pain and fatigue begins, it can be hard to stop because you often do not feel well enough or have enough energy to practice healthy habits and stay active.

However, natural, gentle solutions exist outside of Western medicine, and Arlington patients can find relief through chiropractic at Restoring Life Chiropractic.

Pain and Its Connection to Fatigue

In the simplest of terms, pain is a literal chemical your body produces to tell your brain something isn’t right. That chemical signal is sent through your nerves and spinal cord to your brain, much like an S.O.S.

In cases where pain radiates or sharply discharges from the neck, mid and lower back, shoulder, and extremities like your arms, legs, and feet, it can almost always be traced back to a misalignment in your spine and dysfunction within the joint. This causes your spinal nerves to refer pain, decrease function, and produce inflammation.

Unfortunately, this pain can have a dramatic effect on your energy levels, and pain and fatigue often go hand in hand. Pain and fatigue can make it:

  • Hard to get going in the morning
  • Tough to find motivation
  • A struggle to be positive
  • Impossible to feel good, physically and emotionally
  • Challenging to enjoy the activities and events you used to

There is hope through chiropractic. Dr. Lauren and Dr. Eric Alvarado use targeted chiropractic adjustments to calm the stress in your spine and nerves, reduce tension in your nervous system, and restore normal function to your entire body.

Targeted Care You Can Trust

At our practice, our highly skilled chiropractic team specializes in helping people get out of these rough patches and get back to feeling like themselves again—pain-free and full of energy. Most approaches to pain and fatigue only treat the symptoms and don’t explore the root cause.

When the nervous system is stressed by those misalignments, joint dysfunction, and external stressors in your life, it will enter a state of burnout. It’s a stagnant state to be in, where you never feel better and continually chase a cure.

You continue to have pain, you feel emotionally imbalanced, you will have trouble sleeping, and you may even experience depression and anxiety.

A chiropractic adjustment resets the nervous system so that you can restore your body’s natural ability to recharge its battery and heal itself. In return, you will have less pain, feel rested and have energy to spare.

You Don’t Have to Suffer Another Day

We love helping people recharge their batteries by getting their nervous system back into parasympathetic mode through rest, restoration and rejuvenation. If you’re ready to stop the cycle of pain and fatigue, we are here to help you heal so you can return to feeling like yourself again.

Contact us today to get started!


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