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Troubleshooting Oral Ties in Babies

infant-holding-moms-finger-sq-400When dealing with oral restrictions such as tongue, lip, and even cheek ties (buccal ties…yes, it’s a thing!) it’s important for parents to know that the solution isn’t just a revision.

Oral ties are something that we see quite often in our office. Most babies with ties have a tension pattern not only in their mouth, but in the surrounding areas like the TMJ and upper neck. These babies often have difficulty nursing, but also can have challenges with using a bottle, sleeping well, reflux, colic, and even constipation.

We address ties from a whole body perspective – releasing the soft tissue naturally, helping to even out and widen the palate, addressing any tightness in the muscles of the jaw, and releasing all the stress in your baby’s neck and entire spine.

This gives them the absolute best opportunity to relearn the normal biomechanics of nursing and swallowing bringing their body into a state of ease so that they can eat, sleep, and digest like they should.

Many babies under our care end up not needing revisions, and for those that do, we still address all of the underlying contributing factors that prevented them from adapting with ease outside of the womb.

This is why chiropractic care can be so impactful when it comes to littles that are dealing with oral restrictions.
holding baby hand

Consistent and individualized chiropractic care allows your child’s body to tap into its full healing potential, making life way easier for you and your baby from the beginning!

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