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Chiropractic Care for Breastfeeding Challenges in Arlington TX

Baby on mom getting adjustedNursing your baby is an innate calling that most mamas have and one we are biologically built for.

But just because our bodies are designed to breastfeed our babies, it doesn’t mean it’s an easy endeavor for everyone. Many different things can interfere with your ability to breastfeed successfully, but one thing is for certain—it’s not your fault.

Watch for These Symptoms

Studies show that 99 percent of newborns have a change in the alignment of their upper neck due to the birth process. If they had any malposition such as breech, transverse, or posterior, this could also cause extra stress to the head, neck, and jaw.

Additional and sometimes necessary birth interventions such as forceps, vacuum, and cesareans can cause a whole host of other significant issues with spinal alignment.

A baby’s ability to nurse is influenced by their birth and several other biological occurrences. Good biomechanics of the mouth, the temporomandibular joint (jaw), and the upper neck are essential. Lip and tongue ties are also common and can prevent good tongue and lip motion, causing babies to use more suction than compression.

If your baby is experiencing poor latching or biomechanics, you may experience cracked and pinched nipples, mastitis, and low milk supply. The baby may experience low weight gain and be a fussy baby.

Why Alignment Matters

The alignment of the vertebrae in your child’s spine impacts the amount of motion they have to turn their head in either direction, flex and tuck their chin, move their TMJ and more. Poor alignment and lack of motion also stress the nerves coming out of the spine on each side of each segment.

These nerves control every nerve impulse that jumps into each muscle, cell, and tissue to tell the baby’s neck and mouth how to move.

How Chiropractic Helps

Many little ones can benefit greatly from gentle soft tissue release on the muscles that control their jaw, tongue, and lip. This can release patterns of tension and give them way more mobility and a better latch.

Those babies with tongue ties may need to have it revised (clipped or layered) to release the soft tissue. Even when revised, affected babies are typically in desperate need to have their soft tissue tension patterns evaluated to regain proper mobility and motion after the procedure.

Our pediatric-trained chiropractic team has an extremely gentle and effective way to relieve the stress in your baby’s spine, nerves, and soft tissue to restore the normal function of their spine and nervous system.

If your baby is struggling with breastfeeding, you are not alone!

We Can Help Your Baby Thrive

As parents, we truly understand how to troubleshoot all the things standing in the way of an intimate and non-stressful transition into motherhood. We want you to enjoy bonding with your baby through the nurture of nursing, and our chiropractic treatments for both baby and mom can help.

We’re here for you—contact us today!


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