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No More Neck Pain

woman working with neck painDealing with neck pain can be a real…pain in the neck! Whether your neck pain is chronic, or a new problem, we are here to empower you with the best tool ever to help conquer it once and for all!

First, let’s talk about why we can see neck pain become an issue! Many times, when people think of pain, they think that it is attributed to some type of traumatic event, or a single event. While that is certainly possible, we see that neck pain is more often due to tiny changes that have been made to your spine and surrounding muscles over a period of time.

For instance, many of us spend a great deal of time at a desk or computer…or even doing tasks all day with our arms out in front of us! Our bodies are actually designed to be the most stable and functional when we maintain proper posture! You know the drill – we’ve all heard our parents say stand up straight and pull your shoulders back, right?! Well, that is the general postural “rule” for good reason – that’s actually how we are meant to spend our days!

What ends up happening is something that is referred to as upper cross syndrome.

This essentially means that: pectoral muscles are tight & mid back muscles are weak. (rounded shoulders) We also see that our upper trap muscles and the muscles that surround our shoulder blades get tight & our deep neck muscles that flex our head get weak (forward head posture.)

With all of this muscle dysfunction, this is a MAJOR reason that we see your spine become misaligned and much less functional that it should be. The muscles put so much stress on our spine that it has no choice but to “give” a little. The result can be pain, headaches, neurological symptoms – and even brain fog, anxiety, sleep problems, and major overall nervous system stress.

This is where the power of chiropractic comes in! In our office, we are able to assess your musculature, joint mobility, and any stress that may be happening within your nervous system! When we find any spots of dysfunction, we gently realign your spine, so that your spine is in it’s most optimal and stable position, your muscles can RELAX and start firing properly again, and your nerves are able to communicate with the rest of your body correctly!

Just by restoring your spine’s mobility and position, we can see the symptoms of neck pain go away! Contact us today and let us help you feel better!

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