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Pelvic Pain & Pregnancy Debunked

pregnant woman smiling and holding her bellyDon’t you just love all the comments people make when you’re pregnant!

“There must be twins in there!”
“It’s a boy because you’re carrying it so low”
“Oh wow, you look like you’re about to pop!”

We can’t tell you how many times women come into our practice saying that they have really bad low back pain, and even pubic bone pain, and that they have been told it’s just “normal” for pregnancy!

Here’s a fact you’ll be so super happy to hear if you’re a mama-to-be – pelvis pain during pregnancy isn’t normal, it’s just common.

Common, meaning that many women experience it, but that’s because many women don’t have a chiropractor as part of their pregnancy and birth team.

Some level of discomfort when you’re growing an entire human in your belly is normal. Pressure, changes in posture, and decreased range of motion are pretty normal, but you shouldn’t be suffering. Your body was designed to carry life.

So, by design, you should be able to do it with grace & ease.

Warning signs that your low back & pelvis alignment and joint motion is working against you in pregnancy.

  • Consistent low back pain
  • Pubic bone discomfort
  • Inability to walk from pubic bone pain
  • Feelings of instability in your pelvis
  • Increased muscular cramping with no other causes (hormone levels normal, ultrasounds normal)
  • Substantial round ligament pain

All of these are signs that your spine and pelvis are struggling to adapt to the changes that happen to your body during pregnancy.

Here at Restoring Life Chiropractic, we help women feel better during their journey through motherhood while also helping their body prepare for a vaginal birth, a birth with less intervention and trauma, and a more peaceful transition into postpartum.

Gentle chiropractic adjustments can ensure that your pelvis is working for you instead of against you throughout pregnancy and birth.

Our chiromamas report decreased labor times, decreased need for pain medication, more gentle birth experiences, and a much better experience during their entire journey.

We are here to support you. Contact us if you are a mama looking for your best pregnancy & birth!

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